At Clean Energy Ventures, we believe diverse, equal and inclusive companies build stronger teams, yield better results, and do right by all their people. We hope this living, dynamic playbook is a valuable tool for understanding DEI and implementing programs within your company.

Where to start?

We recognize that this is a lot of information. It's overwhelming. Most Clean Energy Ventures portfolio companies don't have a full time HR person so this is falling on the CEO or COO. So where to start? How can you make the biggest impact? Read through the information here. It's pretty succinct and (hopefully) helpful. If you know this is an important topic, but are still strapped for time, here are the things to prioritize:

Commit to reading one more section per week on here. Most pages are short and include additional links if you want to go further. This is meant to be a work in progress and a reference tool as needed.

DEI @ Clean Energy Ventures

What is DEI?

CEV's Statement of DEI Mission

CEV's Commitment to Racial Justice

Further Reading

How to create system-wide change?

Self-audit your company

Measure Perceptions

Create a Task Force

Team Dialogue Guide

Creating Psychological Safety

Share with the Team

Company Policies

Ongoing Processes


Employee Onboarding



Performance Reviews

Promotion Processes


Exit Interviews & Offboarding

Manager Resources



Micro-intervention Guide

Actions During Critical Time


Inclusive Recruiting & JOB BOARDS

Inclusive Job Descriptions

Allyship - Individual Level



Articles and Videos